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7in / 18cm
It is stealth like ninja but its kicks are devastating. The shower head percolator is the cutting edge for this Ninja sword. It assures you of smooth comfort draws with maximized flavours thanks to its ability to cool down the hot draws and filter any harsh resin. With a straightforward pagoda esque design, you will never have problems cleaning after yucky stains. This Ninja bong works perfectly for flower or if you switch the bowl for a banger, you can effortlessly use it for that super potent shatter or wax. And before you ask about it, the small tube attached to its side is a built in dab tool holder. Super cool right?

Shower head percolator.
Straightforward pagoda esque design.
Effortless cleaning.
Use it for both flower and concentrates.

Titanium Ninja Dabber sold separately

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Brand : Hemper
Color : Black, Clear
Design : Ninja
Height : 7in / 18cm
Perc Type : Showerhead Perc
Joint Size : 14mm
Bowl Type : Male 14mm
Joint Type : Female
Material : Glass