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8in / 20cm
Merry Kushmas with this Hemper Snowman Bong. This bad boy is designed to give clean draws with a kick. The Multi-slit fission diffuser percolator build is unique to this bong and lets you pull comfortable draws every time. The percolator allows sufficient diffusion so your smoke is cooled properly and filtered thoroughly. The 8 inch height and 3.5 inch base make this Hemper bong portable and thanks to the high quality thick borosilicate glass, you’ll never think about breaking it clumsily. The 45 degree angled female joint sits nicely on the 14 mm male bowl. The straightforward design ensures you get top quality hits in no time.

Height: 8".
Base: 3.5".
45 degree angled joint. High-quality borosilicate glass.
Straightforward design.
Multi-slit fission diffuser percolator for the smoothest smoking experience.
Coloured hat and scarf accents blue. Clear, green and white.
Black glass eyes and orange “carrot” glass snowman esque design.

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Brand : HEMPER
Color : Blue, Clear, Green, White
Design : Christmas, Snowman
Height : 8in / 20cm
Joint Size : 14mm
Bowl Type : Male 14mm
Joint Type : Female
Material : Glass