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Shatter Resistant Tempered Glass
Shatter Resistant Tempered Glass
Who still rolls a joint on the thigh? Up your game to this incredibly electric High Voltage Tesla Glass Tray. Made from shatter resistant tempered glass, this tray will last many sesh moments with friends. This glass tray is large enough to hold all your stoner equipment in place. It's more than positive rolling vibes! How about rolling like a pro outdoors for your friends to see? The tray features a full color Nikola Tesla portrait on a non stick surface that is easy to clean.

Shatter resistant tempered glass. Full color Nikola Tesla portrait. Non stick surface.


  • Medium - 10in x 6.5in / 25cm x 16cm

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Brand : V Syndicate
Color : Multicolor
Design : High Voltage , Tesla
Size : Medium
Material : Glass