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250 Feet Spool Full Flame - Made in California
Humboldt Hemp Wick® is a 100% organic alternative to using a gas lighter when lighting fine cigars, hand-rolled tobacco cigarettes, medicinal herbs and pipes. Using Humboldt Hemp Wick® gets rid of the risk of inhaling butane, metals, or noxious gases from your lighter when you’re lighting your bowl. You also have more control of the flame and can corner your bowl with more precision. It definitely enhances the taste of your medicinal herbs! Our products are made in Humboldt County, California! Don’t be fooled by the knock-off products made in China. The smell and the taste of our superior hemp wick is the best way to tell the difference. We have our own beehives and every inch of Humboldt Hemp Wick® is made locally.

  • Enhances smoking taste and experience
  • 100 percent organic hemp and beeswax
  • For avid smokers and connoisseurs
  • Locally made in Humboldt County, California
  • Made in the USA

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Type : Hemp Wick
Brand : Humboldt
Size : 250 Feet
Material : Hemp