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20 sticks / 12 Packs per Box
Spice your day with the warm and passion filled Ixorra Golden Jasmin Incense. This slow burning bamboo sticks engulfed with soothing Jasmine flavor give off a lasting fragrance. These smokeless incense sticks are moisture free and the air tight packaging reinforces this so you never get a smoky room with tear filled eyes and a stuffy nose.

The warm jasmine flavor enhances intense emotional healing and is a perfect match with a romantic movie with your better half or those who matter most to you.

Slow burning bamboo sticks. Moisture free packaging and properly dried for a smokeless experience. Warm and passionate jasmin hugs.


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  • 1 Box

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Type : Incense
Brand : Ixorra
Capacity : 20 Sticks
Flavor : Jasmine
Quantity : 12 Packs