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Dry Herb & Wax
Kingpin e.Rillo Electronic Vaporizer is a electronic portable vaporizer comes with a 510 Ego threaded battery that is nice and small in size. Kingpin e.Rillo Electronic Vaporizer Includes everyting need to vape dry herbs. The best appealing part of Kingpin E.Rillo Electronic Vaporizer is it comes with a cigarillo looking finish and rubber mouthpiece. Kingpin e.Rillo Electronic Vaporizer is portable and is absolutely stealthy.

The kit includes:
-1 Ceramic Heating Chamber
-1 Mesh Filter
-1 Rubber Mouthpiece
-1 Cleaning Brush Tools
-1 Packing Tool
-1 Wall Adapter
-1 USB Charger
-1 User Manual.

Dry Herb & Wax

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Type : Portable
Brand : Kingpin
Color : Brown
Height : 4in / 10cm
Heating Type : Conduction
Temperature : Fixed