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14in / 35.5cm
7mm Thick
In the spirit of blending eye pleasing designs, attractive art and efficient designs, this bong is game! It comes with an inline diffused downstem and an impressively sizable 14mm bowl so you get to sesh out of the box. Plus, it's straightforward design build is easy to clean and will make a novice get a sesh’s bragging rights. Grab beauty and functionality and run to your sesh corner.

3 prong ice pinch for cooled rips | Top quality 7 mm borosilicate glass for maximum durability | Effective ash catcher and an easy to clean design | Super cool multicolor art | Comes with a bowl and a diffused downstem.

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Color : Clear, Multicolor
Design : Monkey
Height : 14in / 35cm
Thickness : 7mm
Joint Size : 19mm
Joint Type : Female
Bowl Type : Male 14mm
Material : Glass