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Take your rolling game to the next level without breaking the bank! You don't know quality rolling paper if you never tried OCB's products. Paper-makers since 1822 and originally from France, OCB have been producing quality rolling paper for centuries now. This kit provides you with all the must-haves so you won't miss out; We got you! You'll be impressed by the steady quality of this brand. The rolling papers always stick perfectly and they're extra light, yet easy to manipulate thanks to their voluptuous texture. Slow burning and soft on the throat, you'll wonder why you waited so long to adopt this classic rolling paper brand. Make your life easier by switching to a rolling machine and prerolled tips. YES a slick joint hits better, get it right!


  • Rainbow Leaf Grinder 45mm (HX-118W-1MY-XC)
  • OCB Premium Tray
  • OCB Crystal 79mm Rolling Machine
  • OCB Virgin Unbleached Cones
  • OCB White KS XL
  • OCB Premium + Tips 1 ¼  
  • OCB Organic Hemp 1 ¼
  • OCB X-pert 1 ¼
  • OCB Ultimate 1 ¼  
  • OCB Extra Slim Premium Precut Filter Tips

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