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6in / 15.5cm
Dabbing will be more fun with this Plain Pencil Glass Dabber tool. Shaped like a pencil, this dabbing tool is a masterfully designed piece of art that you will love. But it is more than looks. The pencil length 15 cm (6 inches) protects your fingers from a scalding bowl or vaporizer. The sharpened tip works perfectly with sticky dabs. You will certainly create many amazing seshes thanks to the highly durable borosilicate glass material and its easy to clean surface.

Creative artistic design | 100% heat protection | Pointed tip for effortless handling sticky dabs and concentrates | Long lasting toughened borosilicate glass | Easy to clean smoothened and stain free finish | Choose from assorted colors.


  • Pink
  • Black
  • Blue
  • White
  • Yellow

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Type : Dabber
Color : Black, Blue, Pink, White, Yellow
Design : Pencil
Length : 6in / 15cm
Material : Glass