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4 parts
4 parts
The ultimate amsterdam cannabis infused coffee esque experience is nothing without this Rainbow Amsterdam Leaf Grinder. The moist and dry herb grinder is what stands between potent hits and the ultimate su[er p[potent cannabis experience.

The rainbow colors cover a fours part compact metallic frame that holds the diamond shaped razor sharp teeth. The threaded three chambers allow grinding and storing your flowers while collecting kief through a fine sieve in a tightly secured space. This is your perfect on the go grinder and bud storage.

Grind on the go thanks to a compact and lightweight design. Durable metallic frame draped in vibrant rainbow colors. Multichamber grinder that allows you to store ground flower and collect kief. Ultra sharp teeth for the ultimate grinding experience.

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Type : Pollinator
Color : Multicolor
Design : Amsterdam Leaf
Diameter : 55mm
Parts : 4 parts
Material : Metal