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4 parts
A wide body to carry sufficient herbs while remaining portable and practical. This 55mm four-part grinder is complete with a grinding compartment, a fine kief sieve and catcher, and an extra chamber for your ground herbs.
Featuring a metallic design, the body is sturdy enough to accommodate falls and the smooth finish is scratch resistant and non-sticky. The sharp and durable teeth will make your grinding a breeze! A magnetic lid and threaded compartments secure your herbs and kief from wastage.
The grinder’s rainbow colours add warmth and vibrancy to your smoke sessions. And if you love cannabis, how about engraving three leaves on the top lid?
Individual grinding and storage chambers. A fine micro mesh to sieve pollen. Smooth, non-sticky and scratch resistant finish. Vibrant and warm rainbow colours.

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Type : Pollinator
Color : Multicolor
Design : Leaf
Diameter : 55mm
Parts : 4 parts
Material : Metal