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4in / 10cm
A small brush that is designed to give the toughest source up for the heaviest resin and concentrate build up. That is the RANDYS 5MM BRUSH. With strong nylon bristles give your dab rig or vaporiser a sparkling new look with a thorough scrub. The strong 0.20 inch (0.5 cm) handle is firm enough to transfer maximum cleaning force to the bristles without bending. It is also long enough 4 inch (10cm) so not even the most curvaceous surface goes untouched.

Firm nylon bristles | Strong 0.20 inch (0.5cm) diameter | 4 inch (10cm) length to reach all corners of small to medium rig | Toughened nylon bristles and a galvanised steel handle for maximum durability.

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Brand : Randys
Color : Black, Chrome
Material : Metal, Nylon
Diameter : 0.20in / 0.5cm
Length : 4in / 10cm