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6in / 15cm
Forget about yucky looking pipes and awful tasting hits, clean your rig with this Randys 8mm Brush and enjoy the best draws like your vaporizer or smoking pipe was new. Built with a strong metal handle to take on maximum cleaning force without bending, spruce the interior of your water pipe or hand pipe effortlessly with the toughened nylon bristles. This cleaning brush is made to last- chrome plated handle and strong whiskers.

Strong metal handle and nylon bristles | Effortlessly cleans medium sized water pipes, hand pipes & vaporizers | Long lasting chrome handle | 6in (15cm) length to reach every corner effortlessly.

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Brand : Randys
Color : Black, Chrome
Material : Metal, Nylon
Diameter : 0.3in / 0.8cm
Length : 6in / 15cm