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3 per Pack
Don't let your bong water spill when on the move. And for hygiene purposes, effortlessly seal your glass pisces using these Randy's Black Label Cleaner Caps. Do you know why it is a cleaner cap? It avoids a messy cleaning experience. The caps are made from high quality and eco friendly silicone that also offers an indestructible shape and size. That's the right spelling for highly durable cleaner caps. Each set comes with three caps of different sizes to fit different openings of your glass pipes. The caps can stretch and snug tightly keeping any odor and water from coming out of the tubes.

Keeps water and odor locked | Avoids messes when cleaning your pipes | High quality silicone material | Stretches to fit.

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Brand : Randys
Color : Blue
Material : Silicone
Diameter : 1.4in / 3.5cm, 1.9in / 4.7cm, 2.8in / 7.2cm