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Compatible With XMAX V-ONE PLUS COIL
This is the 2.0 version so you know what that means- there was a fiery first version that stamped its authority already. Randys Pilot 2.0 is based on the 2016 released Randys Pilot 2.0 that was a game changer in the vaping world. The Randys Pilot 2.0 is an upgrade with a new and 100% efficient Aqua Filtration System and a compact Aqua Bubbler Vaporizer. These two ensure that even with a small vape, you don't miss out on well filtered, optimally cooled and flavour filled draws. The 900mAh Li-ion battery is enough for 25+ sessions and charges from zero to full in just 2-3 hours. If you're looking for an upgrade to your sesh, go Randys 2.0 and you will love it.
Aqua Filtration System | Compact Aqua Bubbler Vaporizer | 900mAh Li-ion battery | Charges from zero to full in just 2-3 hours.
XMAX V-ONE PLUS has the same coil and is compatible with the RANDYS PILOT.

$34.95 $69.90 (50.00% off)
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Type : Portable
Brand : Randys
Color : Black, Clear
Height : 5in / 12cm
Heating Type : Conduction
Temperature : Adjustable