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4.25in x 4.25in
Shatter Resistant Tempered Glass
This Rasta themed Rasta Tempered Glass Ashtray brings pomp to your sesh in true rasta colours. With its raised design, you will never see your rolls making their way off. And thanks to the smooth and anti-staining finish, you’ll have the easiest of cleaning moments. How about the sizable 4.25 inch design? It is the ultimate balance between practicality and portability. The full colour theme is well protected with a scratch resistant design. One last thing? It's the shatter resistant tempered glass that does it for many users. 

Full colour rasta theme. Shatter resistant tempered glass frame. Lightweight design. Stain free finish. Scratch resistant and stain free finish. Rust resistant material.

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Color : Multicolor
Design : 420
Diameter : 4.25 inch
Material : Glass