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Add spirituality to your smoking routine! This Rasta Man glass bong will bring you wisdom, while the colorful accessories will keep you in a good mood. Look at the dope beaker included as the focal point of this kit. Celebrate Jamaica's colors while enjoying great value. This kit delivers quality must-haves without compromise. This insane offer includes a 7mm-thick glass bong with a matching grinder, an ashtray, a rolling tray, classic rolling papers AND a rolling machine for less than 75$. Amazing?! It's just for you friends, if you are still reading, one love and remember you are already greater than yesterday!


  • Rasta Man Bong (WB2006-LA1)
  • Bob Marley Grinder - Bob Toke 40mm (HX-524ZP-B)
  • Rasta Leaf Glass Ashtray (YHB-53)
  • 420 Rasta Small Tray 7in X 5.5in
  • Stainless 79mm Rolling Machine (TN140 79MM)
  • Bob Marley Organic KS + Filters
  • Bob Marley Organic 1 ¼  
  • Bob Marley 1 ¼
  • JJ Jamaican Rum 1 ¼

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