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This large Raw Camo Tray redefines the meaning of a stoner’s tray. It is simplistic, artistic, decorative and equally functional. The 13.5in x 11in / 28cm x 19cm comes complete with curved edges so you can effortlessly turn it into a top secret storage space with mag slaps. It is also large enough to roll a fat blunt. The metallic frame is highly durable and also magnetic. You wanted a stylish and functional tray, here it is!

Super cool camo print in full colour | Food safe grade build | Impressive portability| Super washable permanent non-stick finish | Multipurpose use | Extremely lightweight | Curved edges prevent leakage | High quality metal frame for extra durability.


  • Large - 13.5in x 11in / 28cm x 19cm

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Brand : Raw
Color : Camouflage
Design : Camouglage
Size : Large
Material : Metal