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Fan of organic rolling papers? You like it... Raw? Do not compromise! This kit gives you the best value on Raw's best sellers. Upgrade your rolling routine with prerolled cones, prerolled tips, a branded rolling machine matching the tray (what a beauty for the Raw lovers!) Known for their natural rolling paper, Raw has become the sweetheart of the cannabis community of the U.S. Get on the organic train and stock up!


  • Amsterdam Design Grinder (HX-004BS)
  • RAW Mix Tray Small
  • RAW Rolling Machine 79mm 
  • RAW Pre-roll (6 cones) 
  • RAW Pre-rolled Tips
  • RAW KS 
  • RAW Classic 1 ¼  
  • RAW Black 1 ¼
  • RAW Organic SW

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