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Rick & Morty

5.5 inch Diameter
Oh my Indica goodness! This Couch Lock (R & M) Metal Ashtray is all you need to blast off to cosmos and float in high energy buzz like Rick and Morty. This round metal ashtray is incredibly portable yet sizeable enough to keep your sesh clean. And it's easy to clean too, thanks to its stainless and smooth finish. All you need is water and regular soap for a sparkling new look.

Durable metal design. Sizeable 55 inch diameter.  Incredibly lightweight. Easy to clean smooth and stainless finish. Full colour couch locked Rick and Morty theme.

$4.97 $5.90 (16% off)
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Color : Multicolor
Design : Rick & Morty
Diameter : 5.5 inch
Material : Metal

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