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Rick & Morty

14in / 35.5cm
7mm Thick
This bong comes with a decorative yet functional design that is impressively portable and highly durable. With high quality 7mm glass build, the pipe retains heat efficiently allowing you to toke without reheating frequently. The straightforward design allows the smoke to hit your mouth effortlessly and fast. Throw in some ice and you get to enjoy vaping at the right temperature complementing the efficient diffusion and filtration in the beaker base.

3 prong ice pinch for cooled rips | Top quality 7 mm borosilicate glass for maximum durability | Effective ash catcher and an easy to clean design | Alluring multicolor art | Comes with a bowl and a diffused downstem.

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Color : Multicolor
Design : Rick & Morty
Height : 14in / 35cm
Thickness : 7mm
Joint Size : 19mm
Joint Type : Female
Bowl Type : Male 14mm
Material : Glass

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