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Rick & Morty

4 parts
4 parts
Here is a little secret for your eyes only! You see the freaked out Morty on this grinder? That's how your buds should be feeling when you get this Rick & Morty Grinder bad boy. With the diamond shaped ultra sharp teeth, a couple of twists are enough to get you an easy to work grind that gives a smooth burn. The four-part grinder is adorably multipurpose. Grind your herb as it collects in the middle chamber where the finest kief collects in the bottom chamber. The bottom chambers are threaded while the top cover snugs firmly to keep your grind secure every time.

Diamond shaped ultra sharp teeth. Multipurpose functionality. Threaded bottom parts and a magnetic lid to keep your grind secure. Durable aluminum frame.


  • Monster
  • Crew
  • Nightmare

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Type : Pollinator
Color : Multicolor
Design : Rick & Morty
Diameter : 63mm
Parts : 4 parts
Material : Aluminum

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