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Rick & Morty

Fan of Rick & Morty? Then you'll love this affordable kit especially conceived for you. The glass bong included is made of a premium borosilicate glass and is easy to use with an ice catcher that smoothens each hit to your delight. The silicone hand pipe, rolling tray and ashtray will certainly bring a smile to your face. So get your dose of wubba lubba dub dub and puff puff givewith Pickle Rick! Still not sure? You save up to 15% on the regular price with this kit!


  • Rick Where's Morty Bong (MG-02D)
  • Couch Lock Glass Ashtray Small 4.25in x 4.25in
  • Dab Portal Tray Medium 10.5in x 6.25in
  • Pickle Silicone Pipe 5in (SP20)

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