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Rick & Morty

Rick is scared, Morty is petrified and so are your newly acquired buds. No mercy! With raised walls not even the most conical rolls can find their way overboard. This is the tray to grace your stoning corner and add an enormous level of cleanliness and organization. The tray is large enough to hold your stash and lighter. With mag slaps, it can also be a little nice storage for when you think of a sesh away from home. Its sturdy metal frame is highly durable complementing its impressive portability.

Attractive Rick and Morty design in full color | Embrace an organized and clean sesh | Large enough to hold your stash and lighter | Portable and sturdy build.


  • Medium - 10.5in x 6in / 26cm x 15cm

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Color : Green
Design : Rick & Morty
Size : Medium
Material : Metal

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