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Rick & Morty

Everything about this rolling tray is exquisite, right from the decorative art to its impressively functional and practical build. This Rick & Morty Medium Tray makes rolling easy peasy and saves you time and precious flower. With curved edges, expect zero spillage. Also, you can slap a magnetic lid and turn it into a portable storage that is effective and convenient. For a Rick and Morty lover, this tray is an adorable collectible and will last long thanks to a sturdy metal frame and scratch resistant finish

Artistic and full color print | Rick and Morty special | Scratch resistant coat | Tough metallic frame | Stain resistant and smooth rolling surface | lightweight and Portable.


  • Medium - 10.5in x 6in / 26cm x 15cm

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Color : Blue, Yellow
Design : Rick & Morty
Size : Medium
Material : Metal

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