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Novices love nectar collectors more than dab rigs. And there is every reason to do it. These small dab accessories are easier to use and offer unmatched efficiency alongside convenience. This silicone nectar collector is no exception. With a titanium nail that efficiently heats your dabs and lasts through clumsy hits, the silicone build is equally indestructible. The spill proof design adds to this honey straw’s small and compact size to make it impressively portable. The icing on the cake is the different designs wrapped on the dab straw’s exterior.

Unmatched efficiency | Heat efficient titanium nail | Durable silicone build | spill proof design | Small and compact size.


  • Batman
  • Mario Bros
  • Rick & Morty

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Type : Nectar Collector
Color : Multicolor
Design : Batman, Mario Bros, Rick & Morty
Material : Silicone