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5.5in x 8in / 20cm x 14cm
Brighten up your sesh with this assorted design silicon ray. Made from food grade silicone material, the ray is free from any harmful compounds at any temperatures making it a great company for dab lovers. Thanks to its lightweight build and a rollable design, you will love how easy it gets to store or take with you anywhere. The non-stick finish is made to last and you wont need serious scrubbing to get it sparkling clean. So what are you waiting for? Grab yourself this color splash tray and add pomp to your sesh.

Food safety grade | Easy storage | Super washable permanent non-stick finish | Multipurpose use | Extremely lightweight | Curved edges prevent leakage | High quality materials for a durable life


  • Color Splash
  • Cartoon
  • Black Skull
  • Fire Skull
  • Lips

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Color : Multicolor
Design : Cartoon, Color Splash, Fire, Lips, Skull
Size : 5.5in x 8in / 20cm x 14cm
Material : Silicone