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14in / 35.5cm
7mm Thick
You dream of a bong that doesn't break with clumsy hits and glass, here you have it. A bong designed to give cooled and filtered bingers thanks to an effective ice notch and a perforated downstem. This water pipe is easy to use and comes with a 14 inches male bowl too. Get yours today and toke up some quality bud just right out of the box.

3 prong ice pinch for cooled rips | Top quality 7 mm borosilicate glass for maximum durability | Effective ash catcher and an easy to clean design | Artistic gothic desin in full color | Comes with a bowl and a diffused downstem.

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Color : Black, Brown, Clear
Height : 14in / 35cm
Thickness : 7mm
Joint Size : 19mm
Joint Type : Female
Bowl Type : Male 14mm
Material : Glass