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4 parts
4 parts
Grinding with this Skull Design Grinder is like revving a fine tuned classic cruiser bike on a breezy day. The razor sharp teeth are your V twin engine packed with lasting grinding power and sports like performance. The lightweight aluminum build is equally long lasting and incredibly lightweight. And the multi-chamber design that offers the grinding space, a collecting chamber and a kief sieving bottom chamber, it is the coolest design you’ll want to have. But wait until you see the bright skull theme slapped on the experior. This is the ultimate.

Effortless grind with the diamond shaped ultra sharp teeth. 3 chamber grinder with multipurpose functionality. Threaded bottom parts keep your grind secure. Durable aluminum frame. Portable 52mm design. Gothic skull design in full colors.


  • Pink Flowers
  • Red Flowers
  • Blue Flowers
  • Orange Flowers

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Type : Pollinator
Color : Black, Blue, Pink, White
Design : Skull
Diameter : 52mm
Parts : 4 parts
Material : Aluminum