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4 parts
4 parts
Add this skull engraved herb grinder to your collection and watch it become your go-to on the go device for all your grinding needs. The inch perfect designed teeth smoothly grind both dry and moist herbs to your liking.

The skull theme is also a fine sieve for your kief -complete with a collection chamber and a secure storage for your ground herbs. Thanks to the magnetic lid that secures your herbs as you grind, expect zero spillage and wastage. The lower chambers feature threads for easy and tight fastening.

Extra trimmings? The golden coat is a touch of class for aesthetics. It also helps you clean less, and whenever you do it, it's fast as it is non-sticky and scratch resistant.

Choice of two: Black or Red lids. Magnetic lid and threaded lower chambers for easy and tight fastening. Doubles up as a storage device for your ground herbs. Collects the finest Kief.


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Type : Pollinator
Color : Black, Gold, Red
Design : Skull
Diameter : 55mm
Parts : 4 parts
Material : Metal