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Hey smoking princess, look what we got for you! For sure, this kit will make all of your friends jealous. Be aware, you might have to invite them all over to give them a taste of that ice cream silicone pipe, or puff puff give on some Juicy Jay's bubble gum. Hide your gorgeous leaf me alone bong; we all know a girl needs to keep some mystery! Here is a selection to suit a princess's needs and desires. Stylish and feminine, these smoking accessories will match your cute self and give you the best smoking experience. Best value, best quality with no compromise on the style, definitely a kit for a smoking queen!


  • Leaf Me Alone Bong - Green (MG-14)
  • Amsterdam Ganja Leaf Grinder 52mm (HX-103DY-52)
  • OCB Zebra Tray 14in x 11in
  • Ice Cream Cone Silicone Pipe (SP22)
  • Purple Power 16oz
  • Juicy Jay Bubblegum 1 ¼
  • OCB X-pert 1 ¼
  • Skunk Papper 1 ¼  

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