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If stoning were a sport we would say form is temporary, class is permanent. This golden Stay Classy Tray is both a rolling surface and a nice storage compartment to keep all your sesh in one place. Everything about its design is classy, from the sturdy metal frame to the golden full color “STAY CLASSY” print with a nicely rolled joint and leaf. The black surface is smooth, scratch and stain resistant. Everything the most experienced stoner wanted was put in this tray and you can get it today.

Impressive portability | Super washable permanent non-stick finish | Multipurpose design | Extremely lightweight | Curved edges prevent leakage | High quality metal frame for extra durability.


  • Small - 7in x 5.5in / 14cm x 18cm
  • Medium - 11in x 7.5in / 28cm x 19cm

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Color : Black, Yellow
Design : Leaf
Size : Medium, Small
Material : Metal