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Magnetic Tray Cover
Did I smoke all the blunts or did I lose them and can't find them now? Truth is if you grab this classical Albert inspired mag slap, you won't have to roll new blunts all over again or try looking for your lost one in a haystack. This T=HC2 CLASSIC EINSTEIN MAG SLAPS keep your rolling tray contents away from moisture and secure in one place by turning it into a storage compartment. You can choose between the small and medium size magnetic lids for your metallic tray.

Magnetic rolling tray lid. Straightforward design. Full color print of Albert Einstein. Small and medium sizes. Turn your rolling tray to a portable storage for all your sesh.

$4.97 $9.90

  • SMALL - 7in x 5.5in / 18cm x 14cm
  • MEDIUM – 10.5in x 6in / 26cm x 15cm

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Type : Magnetic, Tray Cover
Brand : V Syndicate
Color : Multicolor
Design : Einstein T=HC2
Size : Medium, Small
Material : Metal