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Shatter Resistant Tempered Glass
Shatter Resistant Tempered Glass
What's the difference between smart smokers and lazy disorganized stoners? This T=HC2 Higher Education Einstein Glass Tray not only keeps your stuff in one place but it also fuels creativity. The tempered glass design makes this tray fit for outdoor sessions on top of rocky mountains. The stylish and smooth finish is also non-stick which works the cleaning magic as you only need a wipe and water even after twaxing concentrates on your blunts. The rolling tray is sizeable enough to avoid spills and holds all your equipment nicely.

Durable tempered glass design. Stylish and smooth finish. Non stick for easy cleaning. Sizeable rolling surface for all your wraps, flower and equipment.


  • SMALL - 6.5in x 5in / 16cm x 13cm
  • MEDIUM - 10in x 6.5in / 25cm x 16cm

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Brand : V Syndicate
Color : Multicolor
Design : Einstein T=HC2, Higher Education
Size : Medium, Small
Material : Glass