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Assorted Colors (mostly Black)
Be the King of the party! Great for concerts, weddings and all nighters. It is smell proof, air tight and totally cool! Put your blazing blunt into the King B & keep your favorite smoke fresher for longer.
Dimensions:  15cm tall x 2cm diameter
- Made of super strong Polypropylene
- Super durable, won't melt or break
- Will float until you decide to rescue it
- Small plastic items do not set off security devices
- Discreet and stylish, Tightpacs will clip to socks, pants and under clothes
- Promotes safety when traveling, routine traffic stops are no longer a stressful event
- Made in Watsonville, California

$2.97 $4.50 (34% off)

  • Black
  • Blue
  • Green
  • Bronze

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