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Cocaine Drug Test Kit - Easy to Use Home Drug Identification Test Kit with Instant Results
Get The Answers You're Looking For Almost Instantly - Keep your family safe and empower yourself. No need to keep wondering, this fast acting drugs testing kit and identifier is an easy way to test for drugs on powder or substances of all kinds.
Results In Just A Few Seconds -This at home drugs test kit gives you results immediately, so you can get the clarity and relief of knowing what's really going on.
100% Safe and Easy to Use - With an innovative Smart Tip Probe, our parental drug test kit picks up on micro-particles for maximum accuracy. A No-Spill Seal and Safe-Squeeze feature ensure that chemicals remain inside the test unit.
Reliable and Accurate - We developed our substance drug test using patented technology, combined with advanced chemistry, for the most reliable and accurate test kits on the market.
Test the Substance, Not the Person - Our drug kit comes with easy to follow instructions for how to test and understand results. No urine or hair is needed, so it’s completely non-invasive and can be used to test powders, crystals, granules, flakes, pills, tablets, or liquids.

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