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9in / 23cm
A male bowl and a female joint welcomes you to this aesthetically designed yellow percolator bong. With a multi slit circ perc, enjoy well cooled and filtered bingers that make flavours and potency go notch higher. The stain resistant toughened borosilicate glass is built for easy cleaning and zero resin build up. It's also a long lasting companion. Its swiss cheese-like depressions on its base make it easy to work with just like the angled neck. 

Circ percolator design | Made from durable borosilicate glass | Cooled, filtered, flavour filled and powerful hits | Easy to clean design free from resin build up.

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Color : Yellow
Height : 9in / 23cm
Perc Type : Circ Perc
Joint Size : 14mm
Joint Type : Female
Bowl Type : Male 14mm
Material : Glass