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Bob Marley

4 parts
4 parts
This 63mm Bob Marley Grinder strikes a sweet spot between practicality and carrying it wherever and whenever. The rasta color filled full resolution theme is more than making this grinder your perfect gift idea. It reinforces a tough aluminum frame that holds the diamond shaped razor sharp teeth. A single turn is enough to see fine textured flower begin falling into the middle chamber. And with more twists, you’ll be making the finest kief in the bottom chamber. 

Effortless grinding with the diamond shaped ultra sharp teeth. 3 chamber grinder with multipurpose functionality. Threaded bottom parts keep your grind secure. Durable aluminum frame. Portable 63mm design with adequate carrying capacity. Bob Marley Jamaican flag design in full color.


  • Jesus
  • Legend
  • Peace
  • Free Your Mind
  • Smoke

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Type : Pollinator
Color : Multicolor
Design : Bob Marley
Diameter : 63mm
Parts : 4 parts
Material : Aluminum

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