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Bob Marley

Fuel your next Bob Marley themed herb session with this multifunctional aluminum weed grinder. We know how important it is to get the ratio of fine and coarse pieces just right, so we’ve armed our machine with ultra sharp diamond-shaped teeth for an effortless grind you can control! This durable metal design is cool enough to transport wherever you need with no worries about a smoke leak or budge since it has a tight-fitting lid and threaded parts. The 50mm diameter size—perfect for storage as well as saving space on your travel pack. There's a handy sieve that collects the ground cannabis from atop and a finer one to capture premium quality resin so you can revel in herb like never before!

Multipurpose grind, collect, sieve design | Threaded chambers with secure lid | Ultra sharp diamond shaped teeth | Durable metal frame | Portable 50mm diameter design | Bob Marley themed


  • Smoke
  • Peace
  • Legend
  • Toke

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Color : Black, Rasta
Design : Bob Marley
Diameter : 50mm
Parts : 4 parts
Material : Aluminum

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