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Genesis biography
Among the top classic prog rock bands of all times, GENESIS is most known in the prog scene for the superb line-up Peter GABRIEL, Phil COLLINS, Steve HACKETT, Mike RUTHERFORD and Tony BANKS, which played together from 1971's "Nursery Cryme" to 1974's "The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway". After this extraordinary period GABRIEL left the band, but the progressive music quality remained the same untill HACKETT left the band. From that point on, under the popish influence of Phil COLLINS, the band took another path towards the commercial market...

Their best work was produced while Peter GABRIEL was with the band, and for a year after he left. Here is a GUIDE to their work from that period.

"Trespass" (1970) was the band's second album, which featured Anthony PHILLIPS on guitar and John MAYHEW on drums. There are six songs here, all of which show glimpses of the power the band was to develop more fully later.

"Nursery Cryme" (1971) shows the band struggling with their new mix of talent, and has a couple of weak songs. "Foxtrot" (1972) shows a more confident and accomplished band. "Selling England By The Pound" (1973) finds the band in a slightly mellower mood, with more acoustic work here on piano and guitar than before. "The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway" (1974) is arguably the band's finest album. It is a 90-minute theater piece filled with a wide variety of music and moods.

But the first two albums made in this period still managed to preserve enough of the band's "progressive" qualities to make them interesting to old fans. "A Trick Of The Tail" (1975) is a very strong album that still sounds good today. "Wind and Wuthering" (1976) is the last album made by the "old" GENESIS.

Several albums appeared in the 90s that fit well into the discography of the "old" GENESIS. ... "Genesis Archive: 1967-1975" / "Genesis Revisited" / "Genesis For Two Grand Pianos"

One of the best "progressive" rock bands that rose to prominence in England in the early 70s.

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