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Red R&M

Rick & Morty

14in / 35.5cm
7mm Thick
This molecule pattern Rick and Morty bong packs punches powerful like an atomic bomb. Get blown by super cool and fresh inhales hitting your lungs at the right angles. The 7mm thick glass is as everlasting as your granny’s metal rolling tray. With an inline diffused percolator, this bong filters your bingers leaving them terpene flavour filled. With a 14mm male bowl, enjoy a quality and uninterrupted sesh. Why not get a bong that is easy to clean thanks to an effective ash catcher and stain resistant finish.

Super cool and fresh inhales | Inline diffused percolator | 14mm male bowl | A quality and uninterrupted sesh | Effective ash catcher and stain resistant finish.

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Color : Clear, Red
Height : 14in / 35cm
Thickness : 7mm
Joint Size : 14mm
Joint Type : Female
Bowl Type : Male 14mm
Material : Glass

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