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6.5in / 16.5cm
It is hard to hate the coloured alien percolator on this masterfully crafted piece of glass art- the ultimate collectible. Here is the secret behind this Dab Rig’s darg free hits. The bullet-like depressions are filled with air that offers optimal cooling without creating stress on your draws. The Alien -esque perc adds more beauty to this bad boy and what's more, it comes in different assorted colors- clear, green, pink and purple. The borosilicate glass material is both heat resistant, scratch free and with proven durability.

Aesthetic alien percolator design | Made from durable borosilicate glass | Cooled, filtered, flavour filled and powerful hits | Easy to clean design.


  • Green
  • Pink
  • Purple

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Color : Clear, Green, Pink, Purple
Design : Alien
Height : 6.5in / 17cm
Perc Type : Alien Perc
Joint Size : 14mm
Joint Type : Female
Material : Glass
Banger Type : Male 10mm