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The Magic-Flight Water Pipe Whip allows you to vaporize through your favorite water pipe. With it, you can get deeper, more voluminous pulls of cleaner, smoother vapor. This silicone hose connects your Magic-Flight Launch Box to a 14mm water pipe through a custom whip attachment. The components of the Water Pipe Whip are handcrafted to fit together snugly without the use of any adhesive, making it possible to disassemble for cleaning when necessary. Included is small tube of non-toxic silicon gel to prevent the glass end of the whip from sticking inside the down stem of your water pipe, insuring a longer life for your attachment. The whip is offered in Maple, Cherry, or Walnut engraved with the Magic-Flight Glyph, and includes a Lifetime Functional Warranty.

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  • Walnut

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Type : Whip
Brand : Magic Flight
Color : Brown, Clear
Length : 18in / 45cm
Material : Silicone, Wood