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6in / 15cm
He is the genius who lit the world and this Nikola Tesla inspired circular mat eases your experience with resin and concentrates like never before. The 6 inch diameter (15cm) surface is made from high quality silicone material for those solar hot dabs. This Slikks High Voltage High-temp Silicone Mat has a smooth and non - stick surface that makes your cleaning as easy as ABC. These two get you a durable mat without yucky resin build up and holes punched by hot dabs.

Highly durable and heat resistant silicone material perfect for hot dabs. Smooth and stain free surface for easy cleaning after resin and other concentrates. A 6 inch (15cm) diameter large enough to cover your stoning haven nicely.

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Type : High Temperature Mat
Brand : V Syndicate
Color : Blue, Purple
Design : Nikola Tesla
Diameter : 6in / 15cm
Material : Silicone