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6in / 15cm
For the lovers of style and fashion, this Slikks Savage High-temp Silicone Mat is made for you. The vibrant red and white printed dab mat stands out not only for its looks but also its ability to effortlessly resist heat from the hottest dabs. Made from tough and proven silicone material, the mat has a smooth surface that is also non-stick for when you decide to roll some flower in a joint or blunt. The stain free surface makes handling concentrates easy and cleaning after them even easier.

Stylish design with full color print of “ SAVAGE” branding. Large enough diameter of 6 inches (15cm) covers your spot nicely. Tough and proven silicone material for the hottest dabs. Effortlessly handle concentrates with the smooth and stain resistant surface.

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Type : High Temperature Mat
Brand : V Syndicate
Color : Red, White
Design : Savage
Diameter : 6in / 15cm
Material : Silicone