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6in / 15cm
The lion is the king of the jungle but our Slikks Tribal Lion High-temp Silicone Mat is the king of dabbing mats. Made from high quality heat resistant material, it handles hot dabs effortlessly and lasts for ages without creasing. The smooth and non stick surface deletes those moments where you have to tediously scrub stains of sticky concentrates and gross piled up resin. How about a tribal touch to the lion portrait printed in full color?

High temperature dabbing mat Non stick surface turns handling and cleaning after concentrates an effortless affair. Smooth surface for rolling your favorite joints and blunts. Tribal print and design in full color- a true piece of art.

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Type : High Temperature Mat
Brand : V Syndicate
Color : Blue, Multicolor
Design : Animal, Lion, Tribal
Diameter : 6in / 15cm
Material : Silicone