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Here is what an intricate design on a small sized dab rig accessory does to your sesh. This swirly carb cap will change your seshes for good. It is designed to offer optimal directobal airflow into your nail so you can always and effortlessly remain in control of your dabbing heat. The cap also improves your vapor production immensely. Its black and white swirly design will certainly make your rig look even better and sophisticated in the eyes of your buddies. Pro up!

Made from thick borosilicate glass to last | Can fit most standard size bangers | Efficiently ensures all your concentrates are vaporized | For flavour filled hits.

$4.83 $6.90 (30.00% off)

  • Black
  • Blue
  • Green
  • Pink

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Type : Carb Cap
Color : Black, Blue, Green, Pink
Material : Glass